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Apr 18 2008

Flickr Friday – Random Females I’d Like to Party With

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Flickr Friday - Hot Chicks

I couldn’t spend more than 5 minutes with these two but it’d be a great 5 minutes

Just another Friday and just another excuse to put up some women that I find to be reasonably attractive. But they also have redeeming qualities that make me actually want to spend time with them.

So if you want famous starlets, this probably isn’t the right post for you. If you want cuties in Pom Poms? Check out my buddy Joe’s Article.

But if you want to check out plain old lovely ladies from the lows and highs of our nation, keep reading. If you want to see some unknowns, this is the place.

Thanks to Brown911 for all of these.

Flickr Friday - Hot Chicks

I mean, come on.

Flickr Friday - Hot Chicks

Girl on the left: “I know, I know, they’re huge but did you know her underwear is creeping out too?”

Flickr Friday - Hot Chicks

With all due respect to said girls, can you imagine how many blow jobs these two have given out in the past month? 300?

Flickr Friday - Hot Chicks

This might be one of the most unfair pictures I’ve ever seen. That’s just illegal.

Flickr Friday - Hot Chicks

Yay, nice girls!

Flickr Friday - Hot Chicks

Not so nice girls.

Flickr Friday - Hot Chicks

Forgive me if this girl is famous. I’ve never seen her before. She is easily one of the hottest girls I have ever seen. If anyone knows anything about this female please let me know. Thank you.

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