. A Good Way to Boost the Sport – 2008 Naked Fans to Fill up Vienna Soccer Stadium |

Apr 18 2008

A Good Way to Boost the Sport – 2008 Naked Fans to Fill up Vienna Soccer Stadium

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Soccer Fans

If she were in the stands maybe I’d go to a game

The Associated Press reports that “New York contemporary artist Spencer Tunick has gained notoriety worldwide for photographing thousands of people in the nude. Now he’s planning to pack a Vienna soccer stadium with 2,008 naked fans in the run-up to the Euro 2008 tournament.”

Perhaps this is a step in the right direction to get this sport on track here in the U.S.

Soccer Fans

Integrate her into the game, and we’ve got something.

I don’t get watching soccer. I never did. I played it as a youth and loved it. But watching it on TV is absolute torture. The guys barely score and you just watch them running the whole time. I don’t get it.

You know something though? It’s pretty amazing to see these European fans. They are insane. I mean every week you read about some crazy fan riot incident.

I’m fully convinced the reason fans are so crazy is because the sport is so damned boring! “Can you score a goal please???? Stop running around and fake hitting each other and then lying on the ground crying. Want to see a hit? Here’s a damned hit.” Seriously, they must be so impatient.

But somehow, in some way, Soccer is technically the most popular sport in the world. Perhaps if they had some sort of nude day in the U.S. more eyes would be on the sport. Clearly bringing in David Beckham didn’t help.

Plus some of these broads wouldn’t be a bad idea either

Soccer Fans Soccer Fans Soccer FansSoccer Fans Soccer Fans

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