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Apr 17 2008

Uncoached Holiday – It’s 420 Time

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Marijuana Crowd

Picture taken last April 20th in Denver. That smoke is not coming from cigarettes.

MSNBC reports, “A once clandestine counterculture pot-smoking “holiday” observed each April 20 has crossed into the mainstream.”

That’s right, get out your bongs, joints, reefer, jay jay, hashish, pot, doobage, lolo, poo poo, cream dollar bill y’all, or whatever else you call your stash. Time to smoke up kids!

Seriously though, is this “holiday” so bad? You’ll get 10,000 people staring at funny colors for 6 hours. It will probably the calmest, most peaceful observance in history. Just let it be congress. Let it be.

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