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Apr 15 2008

This Might Be Your Daughter Someday – Cara AKA Your Thrill

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Cara Your Thrill

I’ll take a quote from the movie Scent of a Woman: “How would you know, you’ve been watching MTV all your life.”

I think that best explains to fathers around the country that you have no grip on what is going to happen fellas.

One minute you have this cute little baby on your hands. The next, she’s from “Jersey Bitches!” and hanging out with guys named “The Vagina Moistener.”

For the record, Cara Your Thrill actually seems like a nice girl but damnet if I wouldn’t be a frightened dad

Cara Your Thrill

One inch. Just one more inch and you know what I’m talking about. How the hell is this girl supposed to sit down on a bar stool?

Cara Your Thrill

This one’s taken for the grand kids.

Cara Your Thrill

This just might be the guy who Cara lost her virginity to. Imagine finding that out. Pretty sure a heart attack would be the least that would happen.

Cara Your Thrill


Cara Your Thrill

Come to think of it, the girl on the left in the top picture might have to be featured in this column. School girl skirt that pretty much will eventually be showing you know…her parts? Fuh get about it!

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