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Apr 14 2008

Yankees and Red Sox Rivalry Starts Again, Even Players Get Into It (Actually They Don’t)

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Yankees and Red Sox

This is exactly who we need representing the Big Apple

The Bleacher Report did a nice job of recapping the Yankees, Red Sox series. Unfortunately the boys from the Bronx lost but not before a little taunting took place.

Fans started to get into it about 75 months before the playoffs. Even players were seen taunting each other. Then again, maybe they weren’t.

Yankees and Red Sox

Red Sox Guy: “Who’s betta!!! Who’s Betta!!! World series! World Series! Ted Williams bitch! Ted Williams!

Yankees Guy: “Derek Jeter is hot so fuck off”

I admit it, and if you other Yankees fans don’t then you’re dumb. The Red Sox are a better team right now and have been for the past five years. So why continue to talk shit? It’s a lost cause. Let’s get excited when we have something to get excited about shall we?

As of now we have a very shaky starting staff and creaky old guys battling to even get up to the plate. It’s probably not a great time to start shit in the stands fellas.

Besides, if Yankees players aren’t even getting into it, then why should we? That’s why I never understood these crazy fan rivalries.

Yankees and Red Sox

Check out Hideki here. Clearly he’s talking shit Daisuke Matsuzaka before the game. “Shinjo Kamatakwa! You will roose! Godzirra bashing time.” Actually he’s yawning because he DOESN’T CARE.

Yankees and Red Sox

A-ROD – Talking shit? No. He’s laughing because he gets paid more than the entire Marlins team. And if he were cool enough I’m sure he’d try and hang out with Manny after the game.

Yankees and Red Sox

Jeter! He’s do dreamy! Actually, he didn’t play and all and had sex during the game. Word is he defiled 6 teenage Red Sox fans.

Yankees and Red Sox

A possible fight starting at second base! Actually no.

Bottom line, this is a rivalry that will continue simply for the fact that it’s an excuse for Boston and New York people to try and act as stupidly as possible.

Is it a great rivalry? Of course it is. I just never understood how people could actually get into real physical fights because one guy talks shit about the other guys favorite baseball team.

Then again, I nearly went to blows with a guy over a game of Mario Kart while I was in college. Jesus, guys are a bunch of morons.

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