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Apr 14 2008

Whatever Happened to William Zabka? – Ultimate 80′s Bad Boy

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“Sweep the leg. Do you have a problem with that?” “No Sensai.” How we all remember good old Billy Zabka. I think I can safely say no one encompassed the word “villain” moreso than William Zabka did in the 80′s.

First he was Johnny in The Karate Kid. Then he was Greg Tolan in Just One of the guys (a completely underrated 80′s movie by the way). Finally he was the loser diver Chas in Back to School.

So what’s this 80′s badass up to now?

William Zabka

According to Wikipedia his latest role was as a director. “In 2007, Zabka directed and starred in a music video for the band No More Kings entitled “Sweep the Leg”. The video stars Zabka as a caricature of himself, living in a trailer park and obsessed with his role in The Karate Kid.

The video includes cameos by several of the original Karate Kid cast members, including Martin Kove and Ralph Macchio. The video received over 80,000 views within its first week of release and became the number one video on YouTube on March 16th, 2007. The video can be found here.”

William Zabka

The fact that this is real astonishes me. I love that he’s still using the Johnny character to make a buck. I just hope they do a Karate Kid 4. Macchio will be a drunk, fat homeless guy with that bouncy walk and beer belly walking around holding his Valley Champion trophy.

He’ll then be walking in an alley somewhere and run into a successful mid 40′s blond who happens to be William Zabka. Zabka leans over and whisphers to him “you’re not even worth it.” Then turns around and kicks him in the face and says “hahaha, just fucking with ya loser!”

William Zabka

Zabka currently works for Big Island Music Company Inc…a company his family owns. Man I want this guy back on camera.

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  • rich

    thats border-line gay, man love you got for this guy.

  • http://www.funnycoolstuff.com chumpman

    one of the best bullies I’ve ever seen! his video is so cool!



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