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Apr 14 2008

In Your Face Wrestling – Some of the Most Disgusting People I’ve Ever Seen

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In Your Face Wrestling

Grab his balls Big Jim! (Thanks to shstrng for the photos)

I know wrestling is a pretty big phenomenon. I guess I can understand a child’s dream to become the next Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair. But for the life of me, seeing guys in their late 30′s and 40′s sweating it out in the Royce Mandego Area in Rutland Vermont makes me kind of. ….grossed out?

Welcome to In Your Face Wrestling: just one of hundreds of new wresting circuits sprouting up across the country.

Isn’t there a point where these guys kind of give up and say “maybe it’s time for me to be part of society?” Actually, there isn’t.

In Your Face Wrestling

If I only apply myself and eat many many cheese doodles I can be the next revolting blob.

In Your Face Wrestling

I’m gonna be the next Classy Freddy Blassy damnet.

In Your Face Wrestling

I just jerked off…twice.

In Your Face Wrestling

I’m pretty sure the next time I’m up in Vermont I’d rather go to a Hog Off at the local Bingo hall than see the All-Star closet homosexual club that is IYFW.

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