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Apr 09 2008

What would you Rather See? “Fat Girls” or “Bikini Carwash?”

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Fat Girls

Last May, filmmaker Ash Christian “took on high school insecurity head on with his film Fat Girls.” Christian sought out to lessen the “Ideal woman” imagery that Hollywood and Media portray.

Funny, I don’t remember seeing “Fat girls.” Perhaps I was too busy watching not fat girls?

Fat Girls

Once again, it’s the “if we all only looked at beauty from the inside and stopped our judging we just might be a better society” idea.

And once again, if we only tried to tackle obesity head on would we stop creating this crap to justify our eating habits.

Fat Girls 3

Oddly enough, Ash Christian forgets to mention some of the girls that tried out for the movie but didn’t make the cut.

When asked why they didn’t make it Christian said “their asses were way too small and we found out that their diets were way too high in protein and fiber. We need Cheetos girls here. We’re talking real Big Mac chicks. That’s what I need.”

Here are the failed applicants

Hot Girl Hot girl Hot Girl Hot Girl

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