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Apr 09 2008

Uncoachable Talent – John Daly Never Disappoints….Ever

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John Daly and Hooters Girls

Someone get this guy a wing

John Daly’s golfing ability is basically the equivalent to Ron Jeremy’s penis. Nobody understands how a guy can look like that and be so successful, but then you take a look at that thing and you realize that he was chosen for a reason: to give hope to all gross fat guys out there.

Not a month goes by that we don’t see a picture of this guy holding a beer or essentially acting the equivalent of any NASCAR fan. Unfortunately he didn’t fare too well recently but does anyone really care?

This guy is an absolute superstar. If you really think about it, imagine his ability. You got guys busting their asses for hours on end to perfect their swing, putting, concentration, etc etc, and they are barely making cuts.

John Daly and Sounds Mascot

John? Guy is taking down cases of beer by the day, posing with Hooters girls by night, and still showing up to miraculously shoot in the 60′s once in a while. He doesn’t quite have it like he used to but it’s amazing that Daly is still a small threat in any tournament he enters.

That and he’s usually the odds on favorite in virtually any drinking game. Imagine this guy on Spring Break.

John Daly with Rednecks

There should definitely be a John Daly reality show. Very similar to Dave Attell’s “Insomniac” only we could have behind the scenes footage of Daly puking and most likely farting on people. I’d tune every night.

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