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Apr 08 2008

Texas Motor Speedway – A Quick Overview

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Texas Motor Speedway

Just to get a quick sense of what a NASCAR race is like, here is Texas Motor Speedway. The grandstand can fit over 150,000 people. The track is a mile and a half long and cars drive in circles for 4 hours doing nothing but driving in circles for 4 hours.

This, my friends, is becoming the most popular sport in America. What you never see on television is the infield. The infield is the middle of the track or what I like to call “The America we don’t see.”

Here you’ll find about 500 Winnebago’s that house some of the finest, most classy individuals on the planet. In addition to the infield you’ll find another 1000 or so campers, trucks, etc etc.

In total there were probably over 500,000 people attending the amazing event. Once again, cars driving in circles for 4 hours.  That’s all.  That’s what the majority of America like to watch.  4 hours of left turns.

A look at the infield coming next.

Texas Motor Speedway Texas Motor Speedway Texas Motor Speedway Texas Motor Speedway Texas Motor Speedway

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    What goes on in the infield stays in the infield. Have to send a spy cam in there.



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