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Apr 08 2008

My NASCAR Man Crush – Derrell Wright

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Derrell Wright

In case you don’t know who Derrell Wright is, he’s a former star receiver for Amherst college. At 6’3, 190 with a devilishly handsome smile and intellect, this guy personifies man crush capability.

Also, when you’re one of 15 black guys at a Nascar event you’ve gotta have some balls showing up and mingling with the “friendly” white supremacists of America.

Pics and more after the jump

Derrell got caught up counting black guys at the event and when he got to 15 he kind of gave up. Unfortunately for Derrell, he was beaten by Asians and Jews as being the most minor minority at NASCAR: 2 Asians, 2 Jews. Sorry Derrell.

Still though, look at this guy. Pure man. (Hi Kelly! Kelly is his future wife who takes one hour out of her day to get on her knees and thank God she gets to blow this guy on a daily basis)

Derrell Wright Derrell Wright Derrell Wright Derrell Wright Derrell Wright Derrell Wright

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2 responses so far

  • Kelly

    Haha…I almost fell off my chair laughing…I love it, you rock! :)

  • Bardie

    Derrell has never looked so good, and I have seen this man lotion his entire body from head to toe. Good Luck to Kelly!



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