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Apr 03 2008

Fantasy Baseball Quandary – Pitcher and Hitter Face Off

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Trevor Hoffman

Dude, you are really pissing me off right now

What happens when you read an article like this? Trevor Hoffman coughed up a 3 run lead to Lance Berkman last night and what do I see on my Fantasy stats the next day? A nice whopping 54.00 ERA and 6.00 WHIP line for Hoffman.

Problem is, I also have Lance Berkman on my team. And while it’s lovely he went 3-5, scored 3 runs, homered, got 3 RBI’s, and a steal, this produces a dilemma. When a pitcher and batter are both on your team and are squaring off, who do you root for?

Find Out after the Jump

We talked about this in my fantasy league the other day and I think you have to root for your pitcher. We all deal with 0-4 type of days from our batters. Their seasons always seem to even out.

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing, I mean nothing pisses me off more than when I see a stat line of anything over 27.00 on the ERA from one of my pitchers. It actually ruins my day.

Ever have a pitcher give up 9 runs in an inning? Yeah, that was me last year. It gives a nice “pound me in the ERA ass” to your whole squad and ill feeling for about a week.

So bottom line, if your boys are facing off? Side with the pitcher. Speaking of the Pitcher. Trevor Hoffman, get your head out of your ass buddy.

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