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Apr 30 2008

Whatever Happened to Callahan from Police Academy?

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Leslie Easterbrook Leslie Easterbrook

Oh you must not forget Debbie Callahan. She was the buxom blond cop from every single Police Academy movie including “Mission to Moscow.”

Her real name is Leslie Easterbrook and I think the real burning question is….have we ever seen her breasts exposed?

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Apr 30 2008

The 80′s Were Uncoached – “Just one of the Guys”

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Just One of the Guys

In what could be used for entire library of “Whatever Happened To” the movie Just One of the Guys has got to be one of the most underrated eighties classics of all time. It it weren’t for channels like Encore or even HBO playing it 600 times a week during certain spans, I’d have never caught this masterpiece.

There’s really too much to talk about here. Joyce Hyser plays a pseudo hot girl (with huge boobs) who wants to be respected as a journalist. She submits an article to a contest which of course does not win. She argues her loss is due to the fact she’s a girl.

To prove that she’s right, Terry dresses as a guy and goes to another school where she will resubmit her paper and win. When she doesn’t win, Terry learns new things about herself through acting as “Just one of the guys.”

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Apr 30 2008

Uncoached Comeback – David Faustino is part of My “Surreal Pseudo Porn Star Life” Gallery

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David Faustino

He just might make it with a girl who’s made it with lots of guys..LOTS of guys

Bud Bundy! Where you been buddy! You guys remember little David Faustino, the annoying yet only semi intelligent member of the Bundy clan. What do you do when your celebrity star isn’t shining so bright?

You hang out with girls who are trying to make it in “the business” of course.

Ever wonder how these people party behind the scenes? Thought you’d never ask. I’ve compiled a bunch of pictures taken by The Worthy Playboy Institute that I like to call “The Surreal Pseudo Porn Star Life.”

Pictures after the jump

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Apr 30 2008

Barack Obama Plays Hoops With the Tarheels

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Barack Obama and the Tarheels

Not bad form Mr. almost President

“These guys move very fast” was what Barack Obama said after having a quick run with the Tarheels.

Obama, 6’2, “decided to open his day with the Tar Heels, including star Tyler Hansbrough, a 6-foot-9 All-American who spent part of his morning guarding Obama.

At one point, Obama slipped past Hansbrough for a layup, which rimmed out. Ever the realist, Obama recognized what had happened.

Pictures after the jump

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Apr 30 2008

Songs Guys Aren’t Supposed to Like that are Great – Wake Me up Before you Go Go

Published by under Embarrassing But Great Songs

Oddly enough every Youtube video of this song has disabled embedding so I decided to show you the most appropriate use of this song in a movie. I think Zoolander captured it best.

Is it even possible to not bop along to this tune? I mean it’s just so fun. It’s incredible how amazingly fruity Wham was, but at the same time you just have to love the white pants and shirts that say “Choose Life” in the real video.
Because you know what? They were choosing life back then. A life of feathered hair, cute sidekicks (Andrew Ridgeley), and very short shorts. Wake me up honey. Wake us all up.

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Apr 29 2008

Uncoached Uniforms – Why Women’s College Track and Field is Highly Underrated

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Track Runners

How does THIS stuff not get more press? I’d hand her my baton (thanks to bunlover for the photos)

About the only female that gets any kind of recognition in the collegiate world of Track and Field is the cutie known as Allison Stokke. But have we even stopped to appreciate all that is the track and field uniform?

Can we at least acknowledge that the most common used term for the bottom half of a women’s track uniform is a bunhugger? And don’t just ask me.

Have a look at some of the pictures of these women donning the uniforms of various colleges, including a couple of Maryland Terps runners who like to have fun in the dorms.

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Apr 29 2008

Fight Night – Couple Brawls Hours After They Were Married

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Man Woman Fight

I’m not sure what the wedding laws are in Pennsylvania but the AP Reports “A couple brawled with one another, then members of another wedding party, hours after they repeated their vows and were headed to a room at a suburban Pittsburgh hotel.

That’s not even the best part. The husband, dentist David Wielechowski “used a karate-style kick with his leg to kick Christa, knocking her to the floor.”

Two people who were witnessing the fight ran over to try and help the bride who was on the floor. The bride, Christa Vattimo, then started to attack her rescuers.

To everyone’s surprise, both Honeymooners were intoxicated.

I love stories like this.

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Apr 29 2008

Larry Brown reportedly hired to Coach the Bobcats – Also Judges the Charlotte Ladycats

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Larry Brown

“As long as I get to party with the Charlotte Ladycats, then I’m in Michael.”

In what might be his 10th coaching gig in the NBA, Larry Brown is reportedly being hired to coach the Charlotte Bobcats. When asked about the hire Brown said,

“I’m definitely psyched to be here. I just want to give a shout out to James Dolan and Isiah Thomas. You guys fucking suck! Ahahahahaha! Fooled you guys! I fooled you! Now I’m rich! Ahahahaha.”

Brown sealed the deal by being allowed to judge the 2008 Charlotte Ladycats tryouts in Greensborough.

See who he was watching after the jump

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Apr 29 2008

This Year’s Most Talented Person at Talladega – Pervert Camera Guy

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Talladega Race 2008

Thanks to Threewide for these perverted shots. I hope his wife divorces him.

Another race and another bunch of weird people at NASCAR. This time it was the big race in Talladega that drew the attention of hundreds of thousands of Americans. However, one person sticks out amongst the large crowds.

That person is the perverted camera guy. This is the individual who goes out of his way to take blatant cleavage shots and snaps that button any time he sees something even resembling a woman.

Pictures after the jump

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Apr 29 2008

How to Stop Lebron – DeShawn Stevenson Needs to Say He’s Gay

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DeShawn Stevenson

“Come on man, what do ya say to a little rubdown later? Just a little one? You know you’ll love it. ”

Amidst all of this playoff drama, one player sticks out at me and he’s rubbing me a little funny. That player is DeShawn Stevenson of the Washington Wizards. One might wonder how this guy could possibly be gay.

DeShawn isn’t that great an NBA player. He ends up growing an incredibly long beard and then sports a mohawk. What does he do next? Talk an incredible amount of shit about Lebron James who is clearly a top three player.

Sure the hype starts, but he’s still an average player. But is the guy gay?

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