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Mar 26 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Cheryl Tweedy

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Cheryl Tweedy

For those of you living under rocks since 2005, I present Cheryl Tweedy, or now known as Cheryl Cole. She ended up marrying some chick named Ashley who apparently is a guy and he’s kind of good at soccer.

It’s a real shame that the Spice Girls ever came into existence because Girls Aloud (Cheryl’s Band) should have taken their place. Of course Cheryl would have practically been a minor then but come on. You really can’t teach those kind of abs.

Check out more pictures of Cheryl after the jump.

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Mar 25 2008

Julian Niccolini is Uncoached: The Four Seasons is Getting Pretty Raunchy

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Hot Bikini Girl

Here in New York, Julian Niccolini, co-owner of the Four Seasons Restaurant, always had a dream. That dream was to see lots of tail strutting around the restaurant’s landmark Pool Room. Well, Mr. Julian seemed to have gotten his wish today. People who were passing by from the Seagram building plaza were shocked and appalled to see 200 nude models being photographed by Spencer Tunick. So here’s my question. Who the hell is getting pissed about this? My guess? Feminists and husbands who tried not to let their wives see that they were drooling. If it were me? Here’s a quick sample of some of the women I’d be recruiting for the Four Seasons: Call me crazy, but I just think they have that kind of class the Four Seasons has been lacking all these years.

Four Seasons Applicant Four Seasons Applicant Four Seasons Applicant Four Seasons Applicant

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Mar 25 2008

Welcome To Uncoached

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Denise Milani

Ladies and gentlemen. You all know me. You all love me. You’ve seen my work before and you’ll see it now. I’ve created Uncoached for the sole purpose of showing you that there are some things in this world that can’t be taught. There are some things that are inborn. Things that we simply have no control over and in many instances, shock, amaze and even inspire us. That, my friends, is what Uncoached is. Take this picture up top. You see those breasts? Those are what I call Uncoached. You just can’t teach that kind of natural growth. But what else is uncoached? Off the top of my head? Bill Raftery saying “Send it in Jerome!” is uncoached. Jim Mora’s “Playoffs?” tirade is uncoached. Michael Jordan at the end of any close basketball game is uncoached. So sit back and enjoy all things (women, sports, news, etc etc) that are…..uncoached.

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