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Mar 31 2008

My Fantasy Baseball Team Sucks and I’d Rather Look at Player’s Wives/Girlfriends

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Jose and Melissa Lima

So it’s Monday, tons of day games and the MLB is officially underway. From now until September a gazillion people will be working way less because they are refreshing Rotoworld every 6 seconds and trying to find out the latest news on players they would never care about except that they might produce a week’s worth of fantasy stats that could end up being the difference maker at the end of the year.

Pictures of hot baseball wives/girlfriends and more after the jump

I for one am getting completely sick of fantasy baseball. While I’m one of, if not the most competitive people I know, I’m also getting really annoyed knowing that in order to be good at this damned game one must spend at least 16 hours a day scanning the rags and making waiver wire picks like no one’s business.

I took Liriano in the 9th round, Granderson in the 3rd (which will kill me) and my pitching sucks major balls. I have no desire to find the next closer when one goes down, produce a 30 HR guy who didn’t even start the season’s opening roster, nor do I have any inclination to talk smack on the big board.

Could it be that I’m nearing 30 years old? Could it be that I had less than 2 hours to prepare for this draft and I’m simply bitter? I just don’t feel like rooting for Brad Hawpe or Eric Gagne to become the Eric Gagne of old. And in all of this madness and being upset, there’s zero chance I won’t be scanning my team 150 times today.

And if I somehow win by miracle this year? There’s also a 100% chance that I play another year. Fantasy Baseball. It sucks you in man. Totally sucks you in. Anyway, let’s get some pictures of hot baseball wives to round this out.

These ladies have been linked to or are married to the following players/ex-players: Jose Lima, Josh Beckett, Johnny Damon, Kris Benson (he sucks and will never play again), Aaron Boone, Clay Buccholz, Mark Kotsay, and Cole Hamels -

Hold the cursor over the picture to find out who

Josh Beckett Girlfriend Johnny Damon Wife Jamie Kotsay Clay Buccholz Girlfriend Aaron Boone Wife Anna Benson Cole Hamels Wife

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