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Mar 27 2008

Uncoached Catalog: Topless Teens for Abercrombie

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Abercrombie and Fitch

Abercrombie and Co has been getting crapped on for a while now about the scantily clad models they portray. Bruce Weber, my personal hero is responsible for this. Bruce is the main photographer who loves to see skin. His “best” pictures however, keep getting removed by authorities. Since 2003 the catalog just isn’t what it can be because of this censorship. Well now in 2008 , the New York Post reports of a new and better catalog being sold in London only. Price Tag? 200 bucks. Why so much?

Pictures and more after the jump:

Well, there’s nothing wrong with a few topless shots is there? As long as you call it art. Let’s face it. I’m disturbed by some of the garbage that goes with modeling. Sometimes you see just vile images of chicks who are just way too skinny making faces like they’re going to puke. That’s hot? I don’t get it.

However, I think Abercrombie has it down. Screw the media. Sex sells. Get it out there. Get with Vivid or Wicked pictures. Just do it up guys. That reminds me. When the hell is Victoria’s Secret going topless? Now that catalog would be worth something.

No reason not to love Abercrombie Chicks

Abecrombie Girls Abercrombie Girls Abecrombie Girls Abecrombie Girls

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