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Mar 27 2008

College Cheerleaders: More Than Just Cute Faces With Pom Poms? Maybe but so what….

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Texas Longhorns Cheerleaders

A new book has just come out by Kate Torgovnick that dives into the strenuous world of college cheerleading. Apparently it’s not all fun and games.

Lynn Harris, who wrote the article about Kate’s book goes on to say that college cheerleading is “one of the only sports in which men and women compete together — “a fervent subculture filled with people willing to take their bodies to the limit.”

That’s all well and good but I’d just like to remind us of some things first.

Pictures and reasons why cheerleading is successful after the jump

I respect college cheerleaders immensely. I understand the rigors involved. Hell, I get it. And if I try really hard I can even attempt to understand why a heterosexual male would get involved. However, let me remind us all why we love cheerleaders in the first place.

It is because they’re cute. It is because they are wearing sexy uniforms. It is because they are stretching their cute little bodies into positions that us perverts are wishing we could be in with them.

You think if they came out wearing suits and sneakers we’d be cheering out asses off or letting our tongues hang out? So Kate, I get it. I do. But let us never forget why these cheerleaders are on everyone’s list.

Here are some reminder why college cheerleaders are in existence

USC Cheerleaders UCLA Cheerleader USC Cheerleaders Cute Cheerleader USC Cheerleaders Cute Cheerleader ASU Dance Team ASU Dance Team

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