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Mar 26 2008

The Next Mrs. Landers: Kate Beckinsale

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Kate Beckinsale

For those of you not paying much attention, I go by Brock Landers. This segment will bring you a sample of a woman that I feel is wife material (along with ample pictures). Essentially what that means is that any girl that I post as “The Next Mrs. Landers” is a person who if they asked me to marry them, I would not hesitate, not for a second, to say yes.

Sure, I have no clue about who they are as people, but judging from looks, my imagined perception of their personality, and that special something that says “sure she’s had six affairs but there’s just that something in her eye that tells me it’s going to work” I can easily come to the conclusion that they are wife material. Kate Beckinsale?

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She sure as hell fits the bill (except for the affairs). Oddly enough Kate wasn’t even hot to start off. Something happened after the year 2000 that really set her off (I even snuck in a picture of her in the early years).

For me? It was the movie Serendipity. Even I, male, liking sports guy, couldn’t help but to feel completely emotional every time I saw her speak or shed a tear. Who cares if it’s a movie?. She’s just too good looking. And now we all hear she’s into chicks? Jesus if that’s the case then God help us. You could put her face on a 1400 pound person and I’d still love it. And a British accent to boot. Kate, wherever you are, I will say “yes.” You just have to ask me honey.


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