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Mar 26 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Cheryl Tweedy

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Cheryl Tweedy

For those of you living under rocks since 2005, I present Cheryl Tweedy, or now known as Cheryl Cole. She ended up marrying some chick named Ashley who apparently is a guy and he’s kind of good at soccer.

It’s a real shame that the Spice Girls ever came into existence because Girls Aloud (Cheryl’s Band) should have taken their place. Of course Cheryl would have practically been a minor then but come on. You really can’t teach those kind of abs.

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And when you see her in a picture next to Posh Spice (I will always call her that) you’ll realize that one looks human and the other is clearly a robot. Another little tidbit from Cheryl? In 2003 Cheryl was charged with racially aggravated assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. She apparently didn’t like a nightclub toilet attendant named Amogbokpa and called her a “Jigaboo.”

Sorry but in this country I would think “Jigaboo” is a word a mother should use when playing peekaboo with a newborn infant. In England? Watch yourself. In any event, Cheryl’s actions are uncoached, her look is uncoached, and the fact that Ashley Cole can actually contain himself around this piece of work is definitely uncoached. Well done guy. He must be gay.

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Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy

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  • John Doe

    No, he is a moron! Not only can he not contain himself but the mad fool goes and sleeps with TWO other women! Both of whom are mere dogs compared to Cheryl. Like i said, moron!

  • Brock Landers

    I may have to agree with you here. While I do know that girls go stale for a while it might take quite a long time for Tweedy to get me looking elsewhere.

  • Yo




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